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A Retreat from the Ordinary

Our residential construction group teamed up with long-time MN Shop collaborator Melissa Winn Interiors to lovingly renovate and expand this expansive retreat-like property in the Oakland Hills. The renovation impacted nearly every square foot of the property, including major upgrades to all of the utilities serving the home, extensive landscaping and hardscaping, and a large addition to the house. A complete interior and exterior renovation features Fleetwood windows, decorative stone and plaster work, and hand-worked hardwood floors. We also used a crane to lift a renovated Airstream trailer and shipping container swimming pool over the house to allow for better use of the down-sloped backyard.

Type of Project:

Whole House Remodel & Addition


Oakland, CA


Melissa Winn Interiors and Michael Waxman for MN Builders


Dreamside Design

Beautiful example of a residential construction project completed by MN Builders.
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