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The Fundamentals of the MN Way

If you have been around MN long enough, you’ve undoubtedly heard your share of positive client feedback. Recently a homeowner told us how amazing MN is to work with and when pressed for specifics, he said, “For starters, you return calls and respond to emails. Many in your industry don’t do that.” A compliment like this is always great to hear, but it’s also a powerful reminder that at MN Builders, a great reputation has less to do with the beautiful kitchen remodel we’ve just done, and more to do with how we go about our work. From the start of this company 40 years ago, we’ve understood that a sterling reputation consists of equal parts “how” and “what.” We all have our own ways of delivering on the “how” — but almost every one of them is a byproduct of a few simple yet powerful habits.


To us, people who show up even a few minutes late for a meeting or a job might as well be wearing a t-shirt that says, “Something else is more important than what we’re about to do.” Even rushing in at the precise minute a meeting starts often doesn’t allow us enough time to connect with others before getting down to work. If being ready to go at the start of the day or start of the meeting means arriving five minutes early, so be it. The right preparation and promptness set the right tone for everything that follows. Don’t believe us? Look around at the people in your life. The colleagues and friends with the best positive energy are almost always the ones who show up on time.


Being true to our word is another hallmark of the MN Way. When we say something will be ready on Tuesday, we make it so. The simple act of doing what we say we are going to do makes us people of our word and it’s these kinds of dependable, accountable professionals who thrive at MN Builders.


Every job and every task, both big and small, is worth doing right. The individual tasks we do every day at MN don’t happen in a vacuum. Leaving something unfinished means the next person in line has to either wait or complete our work for us. What a drag! Just like showing up on time expresses commitment and respect, following through with our responsibilities expresses the same kind of care and respect for our clients and colleagues.


Our Moms were right: a little courtesy goes a long way. A simple habit, no doubt, but what a world of difference it makes to interact with somebody who is courteous and makes eye contact. Here’s an experiment: If you’re having a rough day, try saying, “please” and “thank you” to everyone you meet and feel your mood improve. These basic words of politeness and respect feel as good to the giver as they do to the person receiving them.

So that’s it: four of the fundamental habits we all can adopt to help bring the MN Way to life every day. Each habit is so simple, yet simple things can be the most powerful. Excellence doesn’t have to be complicated and now that we are an employee-owned business, adhering to these fundamental values is more important than ever.


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