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Quality Is a Marathon

CEO Letter, Rich Robb

There is a reason we spend so much time around here talking about quality. Consistently delivering the very best quality in everything we do has gotten MN to where we are today. Furthermore, it’s the lifeblood that will get us to where we all want to be five, ten, and fifteen years down the road.

The most beautiful (and sometimes stressful) aspect of this commitment is that, when all is said and done on any MN project, our quality is on display for the whole world to appreciate. It’s quality you can see. Quality you can touch. Quality you can feel every time you walk into a room or an environment that MN Builders has crafted. But the point I want to make today is that our commitment to quality in all the things that the world doesn’t see, touch, or feel is what makes all those moments happen.

Of course, our industry has terms for these different aspects of our day-to-day business. Some of it falls under the Quality Assurance (QA) umbrella. Others are technically on the Quality Control (QC) side of things. But from where I sit, these buzzwords form an unnecessary and sometimes confusing delineation, since it’s virtually impossible for one to succeed without the other. To me, it doesn’t matter whether we’re “assuring” quality or “controlling” it as long as we are all delivering it.

Did you know that it’s not unusual for the pre-construction stage of a job to last as long, if not longer, than the actual on-site part? All those documents, specifications, and permits we use to do our jobs so well don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of a lot of people working months, even years, to get every aspect of their job done right so the next person in line can do their jobs right, too.

To underscore the importance of the entire process to MN’s overall success, we’ve made some considerable investments in the tools and systems we have in place. We’ve asked many of you to change some of the ways you work, including introducing you to new productivity and logistics tools that come with a bit of a learning curve. All these changes and tools serve a specific purpose and are an essential part of our ongoing strategy to build a sustainable, repeatable, and scalable plan for MN’s future success. And since we’re an ESOP, that success is your success, both literally and figuratively. So I thank all of you for embracing this change as the important opportunity it is.

We have a plan here at MN Builders. We have a process. And no matter where in this process your job begins, always remember that our shared commitment to creating enduring, high-quality relationships and environments never ends.


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