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Driven by Design

This spring, MN Builders will celebrate its 42nd year in business. That kind of staying power is no small feat, especially in the construction game, and we're often asked the secret to our sustained success. There are many answers, including our team, our ever-evolving process and knowledge base, and our problem-solving track record. However, the one constant tying together all those elements is our unwavering commitment to the Designer's mindset.

Whether it's designs created by our valued partner Architects and Interior Designers or ones we've developed in-house, that vision comprises the core of everything we do at MN. Because we believe that a design is more than a set of plans and specifications; it's the clearest possible articulation of a customer's vision and intent. We are in the business of bringing those intentions to life with every project we take on, and the best way we know how to do that is to:

  • Understand the intent of the design

  • Communicate that intent to everyone involved in the project

  • Set expectations

  • Ultimately trust that the design will deliver the desired result

Early understanding = longer-lasting delight.

At MN, we've always advocated for candid conversations between Client, Architect, and Builder as early as possible in any project. The earlier these parties can convene, the easier it is to identify and address issues before they occur.

But another critical reason these early conversations are so meaningful is that they allow MN to ask the questions that better inform us about the intentions behind a design. Every hidden and obvious detail in a good design is in service of a larger aim—and it's critical for us to understand all those physical and emotional objectives from the beginning.

Why? Because in our 40+ years of doing business, not a single project has ever gone exactly as planned. Something always comes up that requires a solution on the fly, which is a skill we're particularly good at. The solutions we offer during a build always consider the design's intentions.

Spreading the word.

Of course, many people and professions touch a design on its journey from concept to finished product. Each person has specialized tasks and priorities, but the key to MN's continued success is our ability to place those disparate responsibilities within a larger context.

With every handoff in a construction project relay race, we communicate to our shop, subs, and project managers what is unique about the design they are working on. This briefing helps ensure that everything they do, every small or large problem they tackle, is executed with the end goal in mind.

Design is a constant negotiation between vision and reality—and the better everyone on the project understands and appreciates the design’s intentions throughout the process, the better we can handle these negotiations in a proactive, collaborative way that makes us an ideal partner for any Architect or Interior Designer.

In the end, it always comes down to trust.

We are lucky to live in one of the world's best regions for building designs (and Designers) of all stripes. Having so many diverse perspectives around us not only makes our jobs more interesting, our experience working with all of them has helped establish MN as a style-agnostic partner capable of working with anyone and any type of architecture.

We can do that because when it comes right down to it, we have learned to trust the design and the people who envisioned it. And that trust goes both ways. Our partners and clients understand and appreciate our commitment to creating beautiful, high-quality structures that last for generations.

Executed correctly, every great design delivers more than a finished product; it evokes an intrinsic feeling for everyone who steps into that space. Thanks to our Designer's mindset, MN Builders has provided that feeling for hundreds of families and businesses all over the Bay Area. We can't wait to do the same thing for you.


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